Why choose Solve

Top ten reasons why we think you should manage your business with Solve CRM.

The system is drop-dead easy to use

Your team does not need any training to get started. If they can use FaceBook and check their mail, Solve will be a breeze. Our short online tutorials can show you how to customize the system and organize your team quickly.

Central place to store all project stuff

Productivity and efficiency are directly related to how organized your team is. Instead of storing your information on different computers and servers why not share it from one secure location so that it’s easy to work with?

Less email clutter

As soon as you start using Solve CRM, you will automatically have less email cluttering your Inbox and no problem finding information quickly.

Easy task delegation and tracking

Are you currently emailing tasks to your team? Then you also know how difficult it is to remember them as newer tasks keep coming in and take precedence. Solve creates a systematized approach which provides a solution to this problem.

Pre-integrated with other leading Cloud applications

Solve CRM sports more useful integrations with G Suite than any other product in any category, along with other leading Cloud services you’ve probably have heard about.

You control who sees what information

What if you don’t want everyone having access your entire database or perhaps some people should be able to view but not update? Solve CRM has a simple and effective permission-control feature to ensure people only have the access that you want them to.

Provide Management with a view into the daily operation

Help staff prioritize and organize their work by tracking what’s happening in real-time. No need to stop the presses to just to have a review meeting. Catch problems as they appear and before they escalate.

Nothing to download or install

Solve CRM is on-demand business software delivered straight to your computer via the Internet, there’s nothing to install, or configure. All you need is an Internet connection and a FireFox, Safari, or Internet Explorer web browser.

Your data is backed up every day

We save you the hassle of backing up all your various computers and systems. Our secure servers make using Solve completely stress-free.

Free updates

Whenever we make changes or add new features to Solve, you have access to them instantly. No more waiting to get things installed. This is the power of on-demand software services.

Absolutely no risk

Sign-up for your own free Solve CRM trial account and see first-hand how Solve can help you stay vitally important to your clients.