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Set workflows, delegate, monitor progress and lean in before time is wasted.  Make sure you know what’s going on. Focus your team on their most profitable work.

Staff errors

When your staff have an easy way to double-check client or job details, fewer mistakes are made.  Reduce frustration and monthly expenses.

Pressure to hire

Most staff have yet to reach their potential. Leverage your experience to direct the team. You don’t always have to hire to get more done.

Communication and operations

Even in well-intentioned teams, delegation is often where collaboration breaks down. Solve’s handoff protocol ensures predictable service delivery. Delight your clients.

Empower your team to execute with speed

Activity management

Tasks, Follow-ups

Put plans in place to keep the team organized. Staff see exactly what they need to do next.

Beautiful on phone and tablet

With convenient desktop access

*"Omgosh it’s so simple, so easy"* — Even staff hesitant to change will love Solve's native iOS and Android app.


Like texting tasks, only better

Assign work to others, they’re notified to accept, you’re kept in the loop until it’s done. Simple, tight and more fun than Angry Birds.

Account of record

Customer, project, property … anything

A corporate record of all relevant data. Ensures business continuity with staff changes, and shows its relationship with other records. A critically useful asset.

Notifications and reminders

Set it and forget it

Receive a device or email notification right at the right moment. It’s your spidey sense.

Flexible reporting

Business snapshot in Google Sheets

Quickly set options to create custom reports that monitor where your staff are investing time, and where your most profitable work is.

On-the-fly customization

Make changes as you think of them

Create custom records and forms to track what you need, organize accounts with simple tags, automatically drop field data into emails. No tech skills needed.

Secure sharing

Just like Google Docs

Comfortably control who has access to what. Or, share individual records and assign work to anyone in-or-outside your team - for free.


Quick access to anything

Just type in a few characters to find any record you need, or scan important lists with time-saving custom filters.

Lead flow & follow-up

Instantly respond to fresh prospects

Automatically creates corresponding contacts from your incoming web leads (website, Zillow, Trulia, etc.) and instantly notifies the appropriate team members.

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First 14-days FREE (with support)
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Trusted by thousands of well run businesses

“Solve CRM is hands down the most flexible, powerful and easiest CRM and I’ve used most of the alternative systems over the past 20 years. Solve provides you with everything you need to run your business at a very fair price and with the best customer service in the industry. Bottomline - Solve will help increase your productivity and make you more money!”
— Terry Karges
“I like the fact that I can build Solve around my business model. We’ve simplified our workflow and increased our profits by 30%!”
— Tomasz Smok
“Solve can do a lot of things that Propertybase can't, and can do everything quicker and easier. I can do everything I need with Solve… We have achieved at least a 25% increase in sales and leases.”
— Guy de la Porte

And highly recommended, even years later

“This is an incredible tool! It has changed my business in real estate! Helped me easily stay in contact with all of my database with ease and easy communication tools.”
— Delroy Gill
“…I had a simple request and within 4 minutes I received a super simple and personal email response followed up by a few additional key recommendations. OH! and the product trial has been awesome for my real estate business.”
— Dennis Plintz (Sr. VP Sales)
“I've been trying other CRM products for my real estate company and have found Solve to be the best… This one has all I need at a great price.”
— Burt Polson
“I own a commercial real estate and construction company… I love the project blog feature for communicating with customers and subcontractors. They love it also… It also integrates seamlessly with Google.”
— Phil Crafton
“…CRM doesn’t have to be overly complex to be highly effective in my real estate business, but I do require both the product and the customer support to be of exceptionally high quality. Of all the options, Solve stands alone in delivering a great experience on both counts.”
— Dave Draft
“…I've used quite a few of the 'leading' real estate CRMs. Most are plagued by forcing you into a workflow… so it's refreshing to use a CRM that allows enough customization to allow great adaption to specific needs without unnecessary complexity.”
— Michael Reck
“…We are a Real Estate firm and started using Solve just as a contact manager and in 60 days it has become our "go to" application for everything. If you have been looking for a solution, give this a try… you will be glad you did.”
— Jorge Figueroa
“Switching from another CRM to Solve360 was one of my best business decisions. It has made me much more efficient and has been great with the team I am building. This is the best system out there.”
— Luke Bouman