About us

We’re an experienced team that has been providing online application services to businesses for 20 years. We have a large customer base, we operate within our means and are not going anywhere. We are beholden to no-one except our customers. We’ve seen fads come and go, record economic highs and lows, none of that seems to affect our business much. We love what we do.

We share a simple set of business and personal values - create quality products that are easy to use, continually earn the right to stay in business by creating great value for our customers, and take the path we believe is right, even if it’s not going to be easy.

We started building our first-generation Solve product - because we knew from our own experiences that businesses were getting worked over by the large software vendors, and wasting huge amounts of time and money on poorly conceived and developed desktop apps and servers. We built a business plan and product road-map, picked our cubicles, and got to work.

Less than a year later, the 2000-2001 Internet meltdown happened, taking out the VC-funded, kiddie-CEO managed shams that deserved to die, and a few good companies with great ideas that got caught up in the frenzy. Fortunately, we were entirely self-funded (in fact, we’ve never taken a nickel of outside investment), and by that time, we had built a large enough base of loyal paying customers to keep the operation running smoothly and the dream alive.

Fast forward to 2007, and suddenly what we’ve been doing for our customers for years is “discovered” by VCs and the media, renamed SaaS (Software as a Service), Web 2.0, then Cloud Computing and the sector is on fire again. While we’re always at the leading edge of Internet application development, fashionable labels such as Web 2.0 don’t do us or our service justice. When well-meaning folk attempt to label us, we counter that while we do deliver software as a service, we believe we are best characterized as a technology-centered company with traditional business values that is obsessive about delivering real value to our customers.

The Internet is a fierce place to compete, and we’re proud to have earned a slot among the best in the world.  We love the Canadian communities we call home, but our success was despite the Alberta Government’s devotion to the oilpatch, their ignorant attitude “innovation is a luxury”, the Canadian Government's adverse social taxation policies and small-mindedness toward the technology sector.

As nice as it is to have made the right call on where the software market is headed, nothing has fundamentally changed for us or our users. We know it all comes down to basic needs for businesses; they want their complex problems solved with software that’s simple to use, inexpensive and utterly reliable. After many years faithfully serving thousands of customers worldwide, we figure we got a good chunk of the solution figured out, and with the new generation of the Solve product now online, we’ll continue developing out the functionality that our customers tell us they want and need.

It was a result of listening to our customers that Solve has evolved the way it has. The newest generation takes a fresh and innovative approach to enabling users to organize, manage, and service their clients, consolidate information, distribute workload, and automate activities – in short, to get things done.