Main features list

Data security

Set who has access to specific sets of records and individual fields on Solve records. PLUS working with Collaborators, and Google integration security controls.

Straight-forward control over who and what 

Google Calendar integration

Visualize and schedule activity across multiple resources. Centralize event history across the entire domain. Access service records from the field ― all based around Google Calendar.

Solves three common scheduling challenges 

Google Gmail Add-on

From inside Gmail, conveniently access centralized customer information, and create new contacts from emails.

Leverage the opportunity behind every email 

Workflow automation

Workflows save time and money by automating processes. Schedules are intelligently determined, people are correctly assigned and notified, next steps become queued just-in-time.

Instantly add a full sequence of work 

User dashboard

Self-organizing personal dashboard for each user highlights what others need from them and what their priorities are.

Real-time"what to do next" 

Time tracking

Simply drop time-records on tasks, site notes, calls, meetings, etc. to capture every billable opportunity and provide insight into profitability.

Time is money. Account for everything 


Highly flexible. Shape forms and selection values, organize records with simple tags, automatically adjust form fields by applying tags and so so much more.

Quickly refine the system to your needs 

Google Email integration

Centralize access to customer email history from the team’s individual Gmail accounts. Perfectly organized inline with every other interaction your team's had with the contact.

Set it and forget it 

Google Sheets integration

Advanced capability to run both simple and deeply customized reports that can work with anything Google Sheets connects to.

Flexible reporting 


A quick way to assign work that ensures predictable communication, alerting when important steps happen. Simple, tight and more fun than Angry Birds.

Like texting tasks, only better 

Powerful search

Avoid the need to search manually using deep-linked notifications and recently accessed and pre-saved lists. Or of course, search by tapping just a few characters too!

Quick access in any context 

Online forms

As visitors add information into online forms, entries are instantly captured into Solve, facilitating your team’s workflow.

Drive business activity through your website 

Additional features list

Single client view

A business file with all relevant data at-a-glance. Ensures business continuity with staff and shows the relationship with other records - critically useful.

Relate records

Connect anything to anything with the selection of how they relate, e.g. parent, employee, manager - create your list. Show all activities from related records for a complete view.

Rich note taking

Staff love to leave notes and comments. Rich format editors in all apps are easy to use and help communicate relevant details.

Email templates

Automatically merge info into new messages by tapping an email address. Compatible with web and mobile apps for time-saving convenience.

Attach photos

Photos efficiently capture and display information inline on records. Utilize integrated previews or download original images.

Activity management

Log what's happened, what's planned, and keep the team organized. Customize and report on activities.  Comments, photos, notes become surprisingly useful.

Notifications and reminders

Receive a device or email notification right at the perfect moment. Mainly work from your email as updates (with deep links) are provided automatically.

Incoming & follow-up

Automatically creates corresponding contacts from your incoming web-leads and instantly notifies the appropriate team members for action.


Integrated geo-mapping features provide proximity details, powerful multi-step route optimization, at-a-glance map, street-view, and directions.

Restore deleted items

If anything in the system becomes inadvertently deleted, one-tap puts it right back.