Free Solve CRM Webinars

Current live webinars

All webinars are presented in real-time by our team of Solve experts. It’s interactive training, so we’ll be sure to reserve a few minutes for any of your questions at the end.

Solve CRM in action (30 mins)

Stepping through the fundamentals of Solve CRM, we’ll show you how to get rolling fast.

  • Organizing contacts, companies and project blogs
  • Customizing fields & tags, categorizing & filtering information
  • Working with Solve CRM operational reports

Google Sheets Report Builder (30 mins)

Your CRM database contains valuable insight into constraints and opportunities for your business. We’ll demonstrate the popular pipeline and opportunity reports that you can easily create and customize for your team.

  • Pull CRM data into Google Sheets
  • Setup basic calculations
  • Generate a personalized dashboard

CRM training through a FREE interactive demonstrations

Upgrading to a new CRM can understandably, seem like a chore but our Solve CRM Webinars will help accelerate your evaluation and team comprehension in no time! In 30 short minutes, our personal team of Solve experts, who’ve already helped thousands of clients, will help you:

  • Minimize your team’s learning curve
  • Help determine if Solve is right for you
  • Get your team pulling in the same direction
  • Map your requirements to Solve’s features
  • Maximize your success
Solve CRM Teamwork

Solve CRM is vested in your success, Webinars are the answer - unlock a ton of value for your team, without missing a beat. This is truly a unique opportunity you do not want to miss out on. Lock up your time now while allocated spots are still available.

We love to help customers succeed and have a lot of examples to share. Based on level of interest and commercial opportunity we hold special event webinars focused on a particular feature, process or integration like Google Apps, Xero, Webhooks, Constant Contact, Wufoo and more. Just reach to our Customer Care team and cast a vote so we help make them a reality.

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