You can do it yourself, but you don’t have to, with a Pathfinder!

Kick-back with a senior (and super friendly) Solve - Google Apps expert, who will in two short hours have you asking “why didn’t we do this sooner!”. During your one-on-one session our Pathfinders can demo Solve, show you how to apply it to your business process, import data into the CRM, train employees and answer any questions through dedicated help. Norada has partnered with and trained an elite group of third-party small business consultants who will accelerate your evaluation of Solve and through a hands-on one-to-one session. This session will improve the way your business runs forever.

“Pathfinder” is an exciting two-hour screen-sharing and teleconference session offered at only $349. That’s already a deal, but since we’re confident that Solve CRM is going to work for you Norada will also pony-up $100 towards getting you rolling. Yep, no strings, you don’t even need to be a Solve customer yet - we’ll pay $100 towards your Pathfinder purchase making it only $249 if you jump on it now.

Schedule a session now by contacting one of our approved Pathfinders:


InterlockIT are Google Apps Premier SMB Resellers, have a Xero Certified Partner and professional accountant (CMA) on staff and are experts in sales and project management best practices. They can help you with the technical details of getting up and running, producing highly customized reports as well as streamlining your business processes for optimal results.

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