Become a Solve Partner


New revenue stream

Solve is widely successful with partners because:

  • We provide a significant lifetime recurring revenue share
  • Users love our service
  • Client retention is high

As word gets out, referrals increase …

  • Solve compliments your existing business
  • Deals are quick-to-close
  • Support is minimal

New clients

We will recommend your service to real, pre-qualified businesses, who will pay for your expertise.

Seen as a leader

Heighten your profile and become an authority within the industry. Work with us at a partner level and build closer relationships with our technical engineers and business and product development staff.

Ideal partner profile

Our partners typically operate businesses in these categories:

Cloud IT Consulting
Companies who offer cloud services to their clients
Industry Consulting
Companies that focus on a specific industry solutions
Business Consulting
Companies offering business improvement services


  • Use Solve internally
  • Offer complementary services
  • Three Solve client references
  • Solve landing page on your website

Frequently asked questions

Will Norada pay a commission?

  • The Partner Program provides a significant lifetime recurring revenue share.

Is this a way for me to grow my consulting business?

  • Absolutely.

Is this a referral or affiliate marketing program?

  • No.

Is there a cost?

  • Partners do not pay fees to Norada.

Do I get a FREE Solve account for becoming a partner?

  • Yes. Partners pay for their internal Solve account. They also receive an extra DEMO account for FREE so that they can show off Solve to potential clients without exposing personal information.


Join the proven program that has been defining SaaS/Cloud partnership in the SMB market for years.