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CRM for service management, team scheduling and sales

Awesome integration with Google email and Calendar

Workflow is less work and more flow

Simplify all record keeping, communication, scheduling and information sharing; especially when mobile.

Automate work, improve consistency.

  • Streamline routines with multi-step workflows
  • Tap to effectively hand-off work with all relevant details; tracked to completion

Centralized data pays off big time

Move away from paper, spreadsheets, excessive calling, and unloved software.

Visualize and schedule activity across multiple resources.

  • Centralize Google Calendar and Google email history across the entire domain
  • Customize to capture the right info, then leverage it with renowned search and flexible Report Builder

Your team earns more 5-star reviews

Automatically remind staff when to act and highlights what the priorities are.

Make it drastically easier for all staff types to contribute, improve service and offer proactive support.

  • A simple, self-managing personal dashboard highlight what to focus on
  • Exceptional mobile apps ensure everyone has the information they need, even if their workflow is focussed primarily around Google Calendar

Easy to customize and inexpensive

Keep track of anything and everything

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