Stratus Force implements cloud based IT solutions for business. As a Solve partner we provide:

  • Data migration into Solve, with specialization in Highrise, ACT, and importing of raw customer data.
  • Configuration of Solve to work with Google Apps. We are an experienced Google Apps implementer.
  • Training, configuration, and support services to get your team working quickly with Solve and keep them working.
  • Custom integration services using the API to tie Solve into other parts of your business.

“The Stratus Force team was terrific to deal with. They made sure they understood our needs and then quickly got Google Apps (integrated with Solve) running smoothly in our business.” - Jeff Nelson, Anduro Marketing

Stratus Force is focused on implementing web based technologies in your 10+ employee business, to save you money and drive success. We have two models of client engagement: project delivery and system support. Our project delivery model follows this pattern: Initial Consultation > Stratus Force Proposal > Client Acceptance of Proposal > Stratus Force Solution Delivery > Client Confirmation. In complex or long term projects, will have an iterative aspect to the Solution Delivery stage to ensure regular client feedback. We offer system support on a pay-for-credit basis in all of the technical areas listed under the Specialization heading. This is an effective way to keep continuity on systems we have implemented, to retain support for your existing technical systems that need occasional maintenance work, or as insurance for emergency service on those systems.

Website: Stratus Force Inc.
Contact person: Robert Wiebe
Phone: 888-428-2759
Location: Canada