Meyler Capital utilizes Solve as part of an integrated approach to developing a complete bottom’s up marketing infrastructure allowing investment managers to nurture relationships and most effectively communicate with investors. The capital raising process is ripe for change. Meyler Capital uses engaging messaging and creative marketing tools to build investment manager credibility and source new investors. Meyler helps small and mid-sized financial services companies in North America and Europe with:

  • Complete migration and customization of Solve
  • Integration of Solve with email marketing services (MailChimp, Constant Contact)
  • Video service platforms (Wistia)
  • Virtual data room build-out to share documents and track interest
  • Marketing and video material designed to elicit an investor response
  • Sonar Marketing / Lead generating campaigns
  • Social “fingerprint” development (website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

Meyler Capital helps Investment Funds raise capital by delivering massive volume and building deeper relationships.

Website: Meyler Capital
Contact person: JD David
Phone: 914-977-3713
Location: United States