Do you want to take your customer service to a new level?

We make things simpler by automating you customer interaction - sales and support. We map out triggers who make sales and marketing actions to support your customer care and sales. Digitalisation with Solve360 could involve making it the center hub - starting chains of automated marketing and seamless integration into the billing system.

Advanced CRM functionality:

We have great expertise implementing and supporting advanced CRM functionality for our clients. We are expert in building web hooks and using API to integrate into other systems, making the Solve360 tool even more valuable.

We have experience in integrating Solve360 with extranet functionality, that way we are able to offer a “My page”-function to our clients’ customers. The end customer can read and edit the information we have on them. Ask us about our cases.

Zapier Expert Panel member:

The way we makes these integrations and automations is by using different iPaaS-services. One of which - Zapier - Has made of member of their Expert Panel. This is a great honor, as there is only a handful of members. Zapier makes it easy to build automatic business logic into you Solve360-installation.

We love Cloud:

We love cloud services - improving our clients business’ - we continue optimizing and automating - their day-to-day business. Helping them save time and money. Our clients come to us - because they know we always choose best-of-breed partners for our clients. This means our clients save money and get more effective processes - by letting us put them in the cloud.

We migrate our clients’ existing data into the new, so nothing is lost, and new opportunities can be opened. The client is helped all the way. We offer support and training so everything will work out smoothly. is a business process consultancy house - specializing in optimizing our clients processes by Cloudifying them.

Our partnership with Solve CRM helps us to offer cutting edge CRM functionality. In many areas Solve CRM is best-of-breed. We integrate Solve CRM into our clients’ other systems to automate many processes.

Contact person: Jacob Schriver
Phone: +45 6122 3333
Location: Denmark