Ways mobile can 10x your game

New: For Teams who work heavily from their phones and tablets, check out the new Solve Client Manager, a native iPhone, iPad and Android product. Try it free. Download now.

Solve’s new mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android will change how you think about doing business, challenging you to “think outside the desktop” and imagine what true personal computing means to your success.

Picture this …

Waiting, few minutes to kill ‒ push a couple new website leads down your pipeline.

Click play on the phone to watch (full-screen option too).

The list is prepped in Solve. Spare minutes now mean something, and you have the tools to be productive. Follow up with 10 times more leads than before.

Did you notice? For the first time, Chrome users can send templated emails from their phone’s Gmail app. Safari users can do the same with the iOS Mail app.

As a realtor driving to meet a client, Solve reminds you the client wanted “room for a trailer and trampoline”. Shit, is there? The listing doesn’t say ‒ you call the selling agent who turns around, snaps convincing photos of the backyard and instantly pops them into Solve.

Click to play…

You almost dropped the client. Now you’re closing the deal, showing off pictures and other property data as you shake hands.

Did you notice? The photo carousel shows off quality, full-screen pics.

Here, there, anywhere.

Solve’s taken a big leap towards something you’d want by your side as you stroll down main-street, wait in line, or hustle between locations. Whether you are a realtor, a financial advisor or a contractor, you’ll benefit by handling situations on the spot.

  • Manage a lot of data comfortably
  • Organize and automate with simple tools
  • Access and update quickly without interrupting your flow

This is just the beginning. We’re already working towards a native app experience while developing the next wave of features that will create surprising new opportunities for your business.

Move forward with us. Share how your team is using mobile, and ways you’d like to refine and improve it. We’re listening ‒ there’s a unique opportunity for you here to develop Solve and its features, guiding us towards the ideal mobile CRM experience for your daily business. It could make all the difference for you later. Even those little tweaks can help your team move the needle.

Give it a try. Log into Solve on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, and then send your feedback.