New feature: Use your own outgoing email service


Transactional emails, such as notifications, reminders and scheduled email activities, are normally sent using Solve’s email delivery service.

The Group Recipients feature sends personalized messages to up to 500 contacts at once using Solve’s Webmail add-on. Webmail offers Google (and Rackspace) users the opportunity to send, receive and manage their messages directly within Solve.

What’s new

Use your own email accounts to send transactional emails

Typically, Google displays a warning on any of your mail-service transactional messages, giving away the “secret” of your automated system. A Constant Contact example:

Gmail via warning

Enable Solve’s new “Outgoing Email Service” add-on to dispatch your transactional (automated) Solve messages using your own email system. This regains the feeling of a personal touch in your message … just as if you typed it yourself.

Feature enabled
Gmail via warning

Feature disabled
Gmail via warning

This unique feature increases the trust level of the messages, substantially reducing the possibility that your automated emails will be filtered or rejected as spam. Transactional messages become visible in your Sent folder, and Google presents the emails to the recipient as if you typed and sent them normally.

  • Available on Select plan subscriptions
  • The Solve admin enables this feature under Solve menu > More (top-right) > Add-ons > External Outgoing Email Server > Add.
  • If Solve has trouble transmitting a message using the user’s email account, the system will safely fall-back to Solve’s email delivery service
  • The email account used for each user is specified under Solve menu > Webmail > Settings

Group Recipients can send to larger lists

Gmail via warning

The Group recipients feature supports sending a personalized message for up to 1,000 recipients at a time. Users can now position Solve to dispatch customized, quality, email campaigns to a large number of contacts directly from their Google (and Rackspace) accounts.

While large email campaigns are best handled by a specialized service like Constant Contact or MailChimp, teams looking for a simple, fast and free means to send a personalized email to a large group of contacts will find fish here.

  • The increase to 1,000 recipients at a time is available for all subscription plans
  • Ensure your email service supports the amount of recipients being sent from Solve to prevent inadvertent delivery failures, or email account suspension