Solve Zendesk Mashup

On the heels of a private Valentines get-together, during which Solve planted lines of code into the Zendesk garden, the SaaSy pair have confirmed the rumor that the mashupmonial knot of integration was consummated! Folks are gathering in their cozy corner of the cloud now to share the love.

With that, the team here at Norada is excited to announce two-way integration between Zendesk, a professional-grade web-based help desk software with an elegant support ticket system and your favorite CRM, Solve.

Imagine your sales team seeing at-a-glance what support requests the service team worked on for a client just before they make a call. This would naturally trigger them to tailor their conversation around the client’s experience with your company. In the same light, how much time will be saved when the support team has the client’s vitals right inside their Zendesk dashboard?

Accessing relevant information without needing to leave your primary go-to application saves everyone significant time and reduces errors. The Zendesk-Solve integration provides your team with a truly holistic view of their customers where they’ll also spot new opportunities - it’s also drop-dead simple to enable and use. Can you believe it’s free?

Celebrate the match between Solve and Zendesk and check our step-by-step Zendesk integration tutorial.