Solve Affiliate Program

WE LOVE SOLVE! Can we offer it to our clients? Do you have a referral or affiliate program?

You certainly can, but there’s a much bigger opportunity in front of us than offering residuals and kickbacks. Let’s become partners.

Business consultants, IT integrators and IT solution providers are using Solve as a platform to quickly deploy their ideas and best practices across a growing marketplace.  If that sounds like you, Solve provides a modern, innovative and useful platform for you to make your recommendations actionable, cost effective and sustainable for your clients.

  • Solve does not impose structure and is very configurable (clients may seek help with that)
  • Solve can be aligned to support work processes, such as defining sales sequencing, lead nurturing campaigns, etc. (clients may seek help with that)
  • Our API provides opportunities for custom solutions and integration (clients may seek help with that)
  • Businesses are migrating from legacy systems (clients may need help with that)
  • Businesses are migrating to cloud-based services (and guess what, clients may seek out experts who can help with that too)

Get it? Solve is a channel for you to grow your own services business and this is something we’re pretty excited about!  Our partners create real value and earn real money, we engage with knowledgeable and motivated prospects and the clients receive a simple business solution they’ll be happy with for many years.

If that gets your brain excited, please contact us to compare notes. We’ll get you hooked into the growing community of Solve solution experts and ensure you get the support and resources you need.

If you’re looking for a residual income by selling our service, or have an idea to private-label Solve for another market sector or vertical, be warned that we think to earn money you need to create value and solve problems. Unless you’re a big-dumb-company with more brand and muscle than brains, we don’t think reselling or relabeling someone else’s product is going to make you look clever, or help your clients become more successful. Collectively, we’ve seen a LOT of big-dumb companies…trouble is, even when you run across a smart person in their employ, big-dumb structure has always trumped smart individuals. What does a good private-label opportunity look like to you these days? Is there such a thing, or are you just out here poking?