Re-imagining mobile

Solve previews the biggest release ever



Something fundamental has changed in people’s routines around how we interact with technology. We check email with our phone, we pay bills with our phone, we even hail cabs with our phone. When given the option between our phone and our computer, more and more we choose the phone.

That said, Business Apps are still focussed on the desktop and mobile has never really been taken seriously. Solve on the other hand, sees massive value in mobile and has been investing heavily in an app that’s both simple and useful. It’s one of those rare of apps you’d rather use on your phone.

“Our clients have been waiting for something like this. This changes everything.” - Greg Bertrand, Business Cloud

What’s new

Raise your expectations for mobile apps. We’ve re-imagined Solve with a new perspective, working diligently to offer something uncompromisingly convenient, intuitive and fun.

We’ve listened to you over the years and doubled-down on all the features that matter most. More than ever, Solve emphasizes business operations, keeping staff focused on your team’s priorities, as well as sales. You’ll notice an improvement in both efficiency and communications with your clients and within your team.

For team members who have struggled with technology, we’ve listened to them too. We’ve put a lot of effort into designing something easy to use that’s going to show them what they need to do next. Solve will make a major impact in bringing these team members into the fold, unlocking your entire team’s potential.

See for yourself

“I’ve been looking for something like this for … forever! I want to start using it ASAP!” - Scott Thomas, Southern Indiana Tire

We’re excited to start sharing the new Solve App with you as we work towards a full release. If your team is already using Solve, reach out to attend an exciting presentation.


You’ll notice structure and organization infiltrate your business as staff find new uses for Solve and carry it around in their pocket.

It’s always calmest before the storm and on the surface it’s been quiet at Solve lately. However, behind the scene we’ve been busier than ever working towards Solve’s biggest release in almost a decade.