Re-imagining Google email and calendar sharing


Staff have information critical to the business locked-up in their individual email and calendar. Solve offers convenient ways to share emails and events, displayed inline on matching Solve records – providing teams with a complete client view.

What’s new

With Solve Client Manager, sharing Google emails and events has evolved to something simpler and more sophisticated. Just turn it “on”, and it works.

  • Share all emails automatically, or fine tune using labels
  • Choose who emails are shared with
  • Link events from multiple calendars

G Suite syncing

With emails and events perfectly organized, businesses offer a robust and more consistent service, even when a team member is absent, disorganized or has resigned. Clients notice.

Try it

The Google email and calendar integrations work with any G Suite or Gmail account. To try it, simply tap: Settings > Link Google email and calendar.

G Suite syncing


Businesses often choose Solve for it’s one of a kind email sharing ability. Be confident that once enabled you’ll have flexible, security options.

G Suite syncing

Solve links events from any calendar you have access to in Google. This includes shared calendars and even group calendars. Group calendars are a great solution when a team needs to edit the same calendar.

G Suite syncing