@Realtors: Close more Zillow & Trulia leads


Sites like Zillow, Trulia or Realtor.com are an increasingly popular way for people to find their next home. As Realtors know, the first agent to respond almost always gets their business. You spent money for this opportunity and to get their full value, you need to call them immediately.

What’s new

When a prospect inquires about your Zillow or Trulia property, Solve automatically creates a corresponding contact and instantly notify the appropriate team members. Here’s a quick demonstration …


“This is great! Definitely a game changer on how to do more business.”
—Madison Kissel, BSW Real Estate

The contact will also appear as a new “Incoming Contact” for teams subscribed to Solve Client Manager. This way agents can “claim” leads and take action right away, or an office manager can hand it off to a specific agent.

Setup is easy

In Solve Client Manager (mobile), or

  1. Settings > Add-ons > Leads from email notifications > Enable
  2. Settings > Manage teams > tap team name > tap and hold Team email address > copy

In Solve CRM

  1. Solve menu (top-right) > Add-ons > Leads from email notifications > Add
  2. Solve menu > Set Security Workgroups > note workgroup email address

Then in Premier Agent

Set a lead forwarding rule to your Solve team email address

If you’d like to see a similar integration for Realtor.com or other MLS lead sources just let us know.