Program update Jan 24th

New features

  1. Imagine tagging a contact and having related, useful custom fields automatically added to the page. Now imagine being able to do the same for project blogs and companies as well. Here is a whole new way to manage context-specific data using “Contextual fields”.

  2. After publishing a project blog have you wondered what the recipient did with it? We’ve added a simple report on the project blog’s Publish panel to show you exactly what the external users have been up to so you can “read between the lines”.

  3. Normally contacts and companies imported using the CSV/XLS option are matched by unique name. Records with matching names are updated instead of creating a record having the exact same name. Here we’ve extended the import feature with a new option to map incoming records to existing records by passing in the unique Solve record ID.

This means you can export your Solve contacts, make changes to their fields and tags in bulk, then re-import the updated contact records with certainty that each incoming contact record matches the contact record in the system, regardless of name.

A bit more on mapping by ID…

If you supply a bogus ID the system won’t find a ID to match by and will proceed to create a new record, without checking for a duplicate name. Since the import routine is doing far less work larger data-sets mapped by ID will import much faster. This tip is helpful for clients:

  • Who need to preserve records having the exact same name
  • Are importing very large data-sets

Minor improvements

You can now reposition an activity on the page by either clicking, dragging then dropping the activity itself (new method), or hovering over it, clicking and dragging the Move icon (old method).