Program update Dec 1st

We’ve made the Webmail feature faster - attaching files, flagging, deleting and moving messages is now notably quicker than before. We’ll have another tweak to speed up sending messages in soon. Some other refinements to Webmail include:

  • Added an “Archive” feature in Webmail for Gmail accounts. Right-click on a message and choose “Archive”.
  • Fixed a bug with Webmail’s autocomplete stopping when a [ . ] (period) character was entered.
  • When using the Group Recipients option and sending more than 10 messages using Gmail/Rackspace as your email service … a message is now displayed mentioning that Gmail/Rackspace may not process all of your messages if they see it as excessive / spam. And suggests using the SMTP override and a different outgoing email service like SendGrid.

Scheduled email activities now support “Email Templates”. With this you can save and share a set of predefined subject/body content to be inserted in Webmail messages and Scheduled email activities.

Specifically for the Supernatural Google theme we’ve added:

  • The taskbar at the top of the screen now shows the item currently open.
  • We’ve added a Previous and Next navigation button to the top-right of the item page. This allows you to run through the list of items on the left of the screen sequentially. It’s very helpful when reviewing / calling back sets of contacts etc.

Some other minor refinements:

  • The Background section is no longer shown when there is no data entered in this field.
  • You can now undelete multiple items at once. Click one item, hold “Shift” and click the last item, click “Undelete” (the Ctrl key also works if you want to select items that are not side by side).