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New feature: Contact photos and social network profiles


The social profile feature allows a user to add a link to social network profiles and upload avatars directly from the system.


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New improvement: “How do they relate?”


The “How do they relate” is now unique to each side of the relationship. For example instead of “family” you can now enter “Father” and “Son”, “Employee” and “Employer”, “Client” and “2012 revision”, etc.

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New improvement: MailChimp reporting


When a contact is synced to MailChimp Solve will automatically add a special activity to the contact’s page which tracks the campaigns that have been sent and how your contact has responded to them. You now have access to see everything you know about the contact and how they responded in one spot.

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New Improvement: Custom fields in email notifications and reminders


About those custom activity fields for tasks, events and follow-ups … they’ll now be included in all email notification and reminders.  This simple feature can provide serious firepower to supercharge your work processes.

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New improvement: Duplicate checking when importing contacts


Earlier this year we added a dynamic duplicate checking feature which uses some refined rules to reduce the chance that different contacts with the same name are seen as duplicates. The import feature now uses this same logic. The XLS/CSV import feature now detects contact duplicates by (A) having the same email (regardless of the field) or (B) by having the same name plus:

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New option: Additional reporting options


The reports available under Solve Menu > Report & Update Activities > Show next actions…, Show follow-ups…, and Show revenue opportunities are sporting new filtering options. Now clients can filter results by any combination of users & workgroups, applying a range of date options.

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New improvement: Status of deleted users


When a deleted user is mentioned on shared records (in places such as assigned-to, responsible, attendees and meta data like created, last updated, completed by), their name will continue to be universally shown on those records.

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New improvement: More delivery statuses for scheduled emails


In addition to reporting when a scheduled email was delivered and opened the system will now report the following reasons when a message was not delivered:

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New improvement: Group recipients (mass-email sending)


The system will now try to “pace” the email service, detecting and responding to “try later”, “breaking connections”, and other similar conditions. We still recommend using a purposed designed service to send bulk email, but after these changes seeing the following using a standard Gmail account is not uncommon:

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New option: Zendesk organization


In Zendesk tickets are assigned to users. Those users can be related to a Zendesk organization providing an overall view of activity at a company. In Solve you can now link the Solve Zendesk activity to a Zendesk organization and as you’d expect it will now display all the tickets for users in that company.

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