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New option: Related companies


You can now relate companies to other companies to document relationships such as: head office to regional offices, franchisors and franchisees, investment portfolios, supply chains, etc. using a new standard field called “Related Companies”.

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New feature: Automatically receive copies of your SolveCRM database


AutoExport is a new feature included in the Select plan which will automatically “Export all data” to a Zip file and email it to a specified email address each week. The file is protected with strong AES-256 encryption supported by premium UnZip applications. Automatic and secure, AutoExport takes a few more things off your to-do list!

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New options: Color category tags, Drag & Drop uploads and more …

  1. Leading the set you can now assign a color label to each category tag which highlights the tags, or groups of tags, that need to be noticed.

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Using Gmail labels as a Project Blog dropbox


Using your Google Apps account you can now link a specific Gmail message to a specific project blog using Gmail labels. It’s like having a dropbox in Gmail for each of your project blogs.

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New features: Click to call, mobile app, activity sorting

  • A “Click to call” option under Solve menu > My Account > Theme determines how Solve will handle phone numbers. The options are “No link” (Google voice), CALLTO (used by many enterprise VoIP and Microsoftish dialers), and TEL (a universal standard).
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New feature: Webhooks


This one is a bit “under the hood”. But if you’ve ever dreamed of automating, integrating, or customizing Solve it’s a biggie. Imagine the following real-world examples …

  • When your category tag is added to a contact, a order is placed with a direct mail service and the package arrives on your client’s desk.
  • When a contact is created or updated in Solve, the data is instantly updated in your other business application(s).
  • When a task is completed, the next step is automatically set-up according to your pre-defined rules e.g. create a new task, recalculate a value, or update a report.

An infinite number of useful real world examples, like these ones, can now be implemented using a new Solve feature called “Webhooks”. Simply put, Webhooks are a way to get Solve to call a script on your own web server whenever a specific event occurs in Solve, allowing you to react in any way you want.

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New integration: Xero accounting, Yin and Yang


Xero is “beautiful online accounting software” that’s kicking butt in the marketplace. Imagine how smoothly your days will roll as your two core business applications - Accounting & CRM - seamlessly work with each other, providing a combined and consistent view of important customer information.

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New feature: Customize the Project Blog label


Change the label “Project Blogs” to a term that is more specific to your business to make the system feel more natural and intuitive with team’s day-to-day activity. This feature is included in the Select service plan. To get started switch your subscription plan to Select under Solve menu > Subscription, then change the Project Blog label setting under Solve menu > Add-ons.

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New plan: “Select”


Cloud computing promises to provide massive value. Leading the way, SolveCRM is expanding to support clients who want to evolve from “database” to “platform”. These broader “wall-to-wall” implementations will improve business operations with:

  • Deeper and broader functionality
  • Advanced customization and workflow automation
  • Specialized integration with other business applications

These advanced platform capabilities are now available with a new subscription plan called “Select”.

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New feature: Contact photos and social network profiles


The social profile feature allows a user to add a link to social network profiles and upload avatars directly from the system.


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