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New feature: Advanced custom search is “Arrested Development”


We’ve just completed development of an exciting new feature. Custom search is a powerful and “Did someone say wonderful?” way to search for contacts, companies and projects.

  • Multiple search criteria
  • Simple language to describe your search
  • Save custom searches to named lists
  • Contacts related to company searches
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New improvement: FreshBooks Sync


There are two new features to share with you:

  1. Data Sync
  2. Create a FreshBooks invoice from a Solve opportunity
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New options: Mass (un)archive, attach a Google Doc to a task


“Archive and “unarchive” options have been added to the toolbar providing a way to archive and unarchive entire sets of records with just a few clicks.

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New option: Opportunity status options


Clients can now customize the opportunity’s Status field options. To do so, your Solve administrator opens Solve Menu > Customize Form Fields > Editing Opportunity fields > Add a field > Standard fields > Status. The Status field will now appear on the form designer where the field’s label and options can be changed.

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New features:  API support for OAuth and Batch requests


If you’re building an application for many other people to use e.g. iPhone/Android App or integration with another SaaS service, you can use Solve’s new OAuth Authentication feature.

If you’re working with the Solve API you can now send multiple requests at a time using the new Batch feature.

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New tip: Embedding (and similar)


The Formatted Note editor can embed data from other external websites. Here’s a step-by-step example showing how to display a folder with a list of files from on a Solve Project Blog, Contact, or Company record.

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New improvements: mobile tablet/phone application


We’ve released a major update to the mobile application(s)!

  • The feature-set is now very similar to the desktop version for all device types
  • The user interface dynamically optimizes between phone and tablet screen sizes
  • The application starts and runs significantly faster
  • Launching from Home screen maintains login and application state e.g. filter option

Also, quite recently we added the ability to login to the mobile application using your Google account too!

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New option: Upload Files, Photos and Avatars with Wufoo forms


Solve’s integration with Wufoo’s form now supports the “Fancypants File Upload” field. It’s the first web-form integration that supports this ability!

This allows your website visitors to upload their own profile avatar, files and photos when creating or updating their own records.

Read more about this new feature and Solve’s Wufoo form integration.

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New feature: Manage Webhooks using the API


We’ve implemented a set of API methods to manage webhooks.

“Hmm, you don’t say, and what can I do with a bag of those?”

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New feature: Full Wufoo integration (website forms)


Clients love the Solve-Wufoo integration so we’ve jumped in with both feet and implemented a full integration. Instead of manual configuration, the benefits of a tighter integration is realized with a few simple “clicks” directly from Solve menu > Add-ons.


Review the updated Solve Wufoo integration tutorial…

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