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New option: Geocoding addresses


We’ve added a unique and helpful address field option to Solve’s Report Builder called “Geocode addresses”. This option uses Google’s Geocoding API to split a single-field address into a multi-field address while simultaneously verifying the address and filling in missing fields. It also generates longitude-latitude coordinates and a map link for each address.

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New feature: Generated links


Open a Solve contact record > click a hyperlink > a corresponding record opens in your other application. Here is an example with Hubspot:

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New options: Webmail field merge


1) Field merge for standard recipient email messages

Deep breaths… inhale. Use field-placeholders in your standard recipient email messages to insert data directly from the recipient’s contact record. Let’s glance at an example to set the stage …

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Our Customer Support Recipe


To our clients, customer support is nearly as important as Solve, the CRM product we sell. We get loads of requests each day from hard working business owners. Requests range from very technical to very business oriented. Our team wants to put smiles on each of their faces as fast as possible so they can get back to business. Here’s how we do it …

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New feature: Solve360 add-on for Google Sheets


Solve360 add-on for Sheets gives you the ability to pull data directly from your Solve360 account into Google Spreadsheets to easily generate personalized reports and maps.

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New feature: Reporting with Google Spreadsheets


We’ve doubled-down and enhanced our beloved Solve Google Sheets integration. Improving on traditional CRM reports, we’ve made it simple to personalize your own. Find answers to specific questions, using simple Excel-like spreadsheets you’re already comfortable with.

We’ve provided tutorials for specific examples including Sales Pipeline, Sales Funnel, Sales Team Performance and Quarterly Sales reports. Each report progressively demonstrates the flexibility and usefulness of Solve and Google Sheets, smartly integrated to create practical business dashboards.

These reports fit your business, focusing only on data elements important to you. They’re simple, meaningful and because you made them, you can trust them.

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New feature: “Show related activities” for Touch


Utilize “Show related activities” on your mobile device using Solve’s Touch App for iPhone / iPad and Android. This feature will help you “roll-up” all known information related to contacts away from the office and manage project’s on-site by expanding your view, compiling communication history right within the palm of your hands.

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New feature: Upload photos from iPhone / iPad and Android devices


Upload pictures straight from your device to Solve. Assume the ‘Warrior one’ pose …

  • Quickly share information instantly from the field
  • Collect difficult-to-communicate data in seconds
  • Maintain revision of files automatically
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New option: Personalize vCard & Publish emails


When publishing a project blog, or emailing a vCard, Solve now includes a note option providing a personalized touch to sharing information with clients and partners. Solve will even autosave your message to be available for your next publishing or vCard email, even if it’s an entirely different contact or project blog. Now that’s handy!

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New improvements: For the iOS and Android App


We’ve released an exciting update to the iPhone / iPad and Android App! Most notably among the improvements, you’ll find that the navigation area has been revamped to incorporate the useful custom search features. Just tap the desired custom search in the main menu area to peek at the selected filter options and then tap the menu icon in the top corner to view the results.

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