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Price reduction for additional storage


We’ve reduced the price of additional storage by 25% for all plans and doubled the storage provided on our older subscription plans.

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@Realtors: Close more Zillow & Trulia leads


When a prospect inquires about your Zillow or Trulia property, Solve will automatically create a corresponding contact and instantly notify the appropriate team members.

Solve Client Manager

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New option: Wufoo notification


When a new lead fills out your Wufoo form, Solve instantly emails appropriate team members so they can react quickly.

Solve Client Manager

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Bring live report data to your phone or tablet


Report Builder can now automatically update reports in Google Sheets on an hourly or daily schedule, even when the spreadsheet is closed.

Solve Report Builder

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New option: React instantly with assigned-to notifications


Users will now automatically receive an email notification when a record is assigned to them, or a Workgroup they belong to. Handy for reacting instantly to new incoming leads, handing off projects, and keeping a heads up on your changing priorities.

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New improvement: Report Builder for Google Sheets


We’ve made significant investments in modernizing Solve’s very popular Report Builder in Google Sheets. Focussing on simplicity and ease of use, you’ll notice a refreshed design.

Solve Report Builder

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Re-imagining mobile


Solve previews the biggest release ever

Something fundamental has changed in people’s routines around how we interact with technology. We check email with our phone, we pay bills with our phone, we even hail cabs with our phone. When given the option between our phone and our computer, more and more we choose the phone.

That said, Business Apps are still focussed on the desktop and mobile has never really been taken seriously. Solve on the other hand, sees massive value in mobile and has been investing heavily in an app that’s both simple and useful. It’s one of those rare of apps you’d rather use on your phone.

Solve Report Builder

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New option: Importing project blogs


Solve now extends the ability to import .CSV and Excel data into project blogs, just like the contact and company import. Easily import your project, property, portfolio or similar records into Solve. You can even import category tags to classify your data as you add it into Solve. It’s a handy way to get started quickly.

Project blog import

You can also use Solve’s project blog import tool to quickly make mass changes and updates to field and category tag project data.

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Automate more of your workflow using Zapier


Using Zapier, easily enhance the way you run your business through quick and powerful automations. Similar to Solve’s webhooks, “Zaps” offer custom trigger-action integrations between popular systems to help automate your business processes - packaged and ready to implement.

Zapier examples

Earlier this week Solve teamed up with Zapier to demonstrate some best practices, use cases and the quick setup for these powerful Zaps. Sit back and enjoy the recorded session …

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Ways mobile can 10x your game


Solve’s new mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android will change how you think about doing business, challenging you to “think outside the desktop” and imagine what true personal computing means to your success.

Mobile CRM Example

Solve’s taken a big leap towards something you’d want by your side as you stroll down main-street, wait in line, or hustle between locations.

  • Manage a lot of data comfortably
  • Organize and automate with simple tools
  • Access and update quickly without interrupting your flow
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