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Program update Dec 1st


We’ve made the Webmail feature faster - attaching files, flagging, deleting and moving messages is now notably quicker than before. We’ll have another tweak to speed up sending messages in soon. Some other refinements to Webmail include:

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Supernatural Google Theme


Solve Menu > My Account > Theme …

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New feature: Delivery and Open confirmation for Scheduled emails


As available the Scheduled Email activity will start providing additional information on the status of your Scheduled Email messages. Delivery data is pretty solid, Opened requires the recipient to allow images to be displayed to trigger the notification. Both are transparent to the recipient.


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New feature: Open in a new window


Small but handy.

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New features: For the iPad, touch/tablet application


Today we’ve deployed the following useful enhancements to the iPad, touch/tablet application …

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New option: Quota usage


Since the beginning of time we’ve focused on developing features that created value. As crazy at it sounds, a “storage quota report” never really caught our imagination. But we got away with that as long as we could, so today admins can now see the utilization of accounts, contacts, active blogs and storage (email and files) under Solve menu > Subscription.

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New option: Prevent Export


Administrators now have an option to prevent users from using the Data > “Export this list…“ feature. It’s set under Workspace > Modify user accounts > Prevent export checkbox.

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New feature: Support for non-ASCII content in email messages


Solve360’s emails features, specifically linked-emails, now support non-ASCII content i.e. UTF8 encoded words such as Cyrillic, Chinese, etc.

So you can inform your Russian clients “Отправляю вам данные!“

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Amex and bank transaction fees


We’ve recently completed the lengthy process to implement a U.S. based billing system for our Canadian company. This should eliminate many of those annoying issues for clients and we now accept Amex for monthly service renewals.

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Linking Wufoo Web Forms to your Solve CRM


Wufoo is a tool that makes it easy to collect information over the Internet. Wufoo does so by helping you create web forms that web users will fill out. The user’s data is immediately saved directly into your favorite web apps. No more copy-pasting folks! Pretty neat eh? Now, with this integration, you’ll be able to save that info straight into Solve too!

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