Our Customer Support Recipe

To our clients, customer support is nearly as important as Solve, the CRM product we sell. We get loads of requests each day from hard working business owners. Requests range from very technical to very business oriented. Our team wants to put smiles on each of their faces as fast as possible so they can get back to business. Here’s how we do it …

Say “Hi” to some members of the support team in clockwise fashion starting with ice cream! Abs, Shelby, Graham, Rahul, Kyle and Mike.

Real-Time Response

Addressing customer requests as we get them may seem like a huge undertaking, but it beats the alternative. Leaving customers hanging creates frustration, while answering them quickly creates enthusiasm and high-fives. What type of customer would your staff rather deal with? Offering real-time support does mean that we have to be strategic. Solve takes an all-hands-on-deck, approach where everyone gets involved during peak times of the day.

Dealing with requests as they occur is an excellent way for all members staff of the team to keep it real, staying in touch with our customers and our product. It also eliminates much of the overhead time to measure, prioritize and requeue aging requests.


Customers often ask questions that we know will lead to a series of other questions. In these cases we need to anticipate their responses to our answers. If our answer leads to more questions rather than a big “Thank You”, then we haven’t thought far enough ahead.

Other times, customers only present us with symptoms to unseen issues. In such cases, we can eliminate entire discussions by reading between the lines, and offering solutions to unrecognized core problems.

Anticipation is one of the most effective ways of avoiding a lot of back-and-forth communication, saving the customer’s time while reducing our internal support load.

We’ve found that thinking ahead leads us to better tutorials and more intuitive product design. Both lead to drastically less support and happier clients in the long run.

Simple Tools

When it comes support tools, less is often more. For support at Solve, we just use a few integrated apps that clients and staff are used to. Next, we tweak them to optimize and automate as much as possible. We use Google Apps for email, Olark for chat, RingCental and Skype for phone. Then we use our own Solve to capture customer data, those emails, chats, calls… as well as any promises, files, notes tasks as well as anything else that needs to be remembered or followed-up on.

Our clients all use many of these same apps, so by eating our own dog food, our staff come up with some interesting tricks that we are able to pass on to our clients. For example, how easy it is to push Olark chats into matching client records in Solve CRM.

At Solve support is more than just grease in our customer success process. It is an integral part of it. We’ve found ways to ensure that we are creating win-win scenarios with our customers each step of the way, which is fundamental to our team’s culture.