New: Solve for Gmail


Solve and Google have fit hand-in-glove since the very beginning of Google Apps, commending Solve CRM as Google’s very first staff pick.

Google deprecated its “Gmail Contextual Gadget” environment for all apps, ending Solve’s popular “Gmail Gadget” integration.

Google launched “Gmail Add-ons”, a new and different method third-party apps can integrate with Gmail.

What’s new

Solve’s Gmail Add-on. Simple, modern and highly useful. Empower team members who do their best work out of Gmail.

  1. View centralized contact data and all related records at-a-glance
  2. Add contacts from Gmail messages, reducing data entry

Because the contacts are hosted in Solve the details are consistent, creating a single version of the truth across the entire team.

Solve for Gmail Add-on

Android & iOS

Gmail Add-ons automatically install to Android devices, breaking new ground by extending the usefulness of “Solve for Gmail” to mobile.

Google is working with Apple to bring Gmail Add-ons to iOS; however, no timeline has been announced.

Try it

Solve’s Gmail Add-on is available to all Solve users at no additional cost. It can be installed for either an entire G Suite domain or individual Gmail users.