New plan: “Select”

Cloud computing promises to provide massive value. Leading the way, Solve is expanding to support clients who want to evolve from “database” to “platform”. These broader “wall-to-wall” implementations will improve business operations with:

  • Deeper and broader functionality
  • Advanced customization and workflow automation
  • Specialized integration with other business applications

These advanced platform capabilities are now available with a new subscription plan called “Select”. Today this new plan adds:

  • Xero accounting integration
  • Relabeling of “Project Blogs”
  • Multiple-administrators
  • Webhooks
  • … and more storage

Looking ahead we also have plans for even more new capabilities relating to granular security, enhanced database customization and other similar features.

Why Select?

Over the years, many of you have requested some powerful features and we’ve been taking notes. The Select plan is a way for us to offer these advanced features to those who are looking to take Solve to the next level, while allowing others to continue enjoying the value of the current plans. This is not to say that we will not continue to add features to the standard plans. We’ll still innovate and add value as we always have - as most recently seen with the recent social profile management and “social listening” features - we’re just adding a wider variety to our solution offering.

If you’ve been a client for a while and are interested in these new capabilities, please reach out to our team for special information on upgrading to the new Select plan.

Choose “Select” under Solve menu > Subscription.