New options: Color category tags, Drag & Drop uploads and more …

What’s new

  1. Leading the set you can now assign a color label to each category tag which highlights the tags, or groups of tags, that need to be noticed.

  2. Then to streamline feedback loops, when a comment is posted the system will propose which users (e.g. activity creator, assigned-to, previous commenters) should receive an automatic email update, with the option to quickly override.

  3. You can now drag ‘n drop files/photos from your computer directly to a Solve contact, company or project blog page!

  4. It’s common for some systems to export contact groups or category tags into separate columns. Along with importing category tags in a single column delimited by semi-column [ ; ] the import also supports mapping multiple category tag fields.

    Single category field delimited by semi-colon mapped to single Solve field called “Categories”:

    Multiple category fields mapped to a single Solve field called “Categories”: