New options: Using Google Sheets as a linked database and two new reports


With Solve’s Report Builder you can access a wide range of Solve data directly from Google Spreadsheets to easily generate powerful personalized reports and charts.

What’s New

Google Sheets CRM

Two things. First, Follow-up and Next-action (tasks, events) activities can now be pulled into Google Sheets, similarly to how you pull in Opportunity reports. Second, there is a new (super powerful) feature called “Preserve Custom Columns”.

By creating and preserving your own custom columns, you can use Google Sheets as a secondary linked database to store data that relates back to specific records in Solve. The data you’ll add to Sheets automatically links to the corresponding records in Solve removing the need for cross-referencing.

Google Sheets report

This is an amazingly simple and robust way to support specific line-of-business applications. You know, those old highly-customized Excel, Microsoft Access or Filemaker databases you created that do something essential for your business? With a secondary linked database in Google Sheets you can essentially extend and tailor Solve to provide a more encompassing solution to support your business requirements.

Simply select the “Preserve custom column data” option and your additional columns of data will be preserved for that specific sheet each time you refresh your report. Preserved columns are then highlighted to help identify them.


  • Extend Solve to meet your needs, while keeping core system data intact
  • Gain a holistic understanding of your business
  • Integrate more business processes
  • Then share a slice of client or project data in context with anyone you want, for example …

With “Preserve Custom Columns” collect additional information from external clients or guests and pair it with your selected Solve data. Using Google’s “Share” options, admitted guests can add in their own columns and info, which you can then preserve in the sheet as you continually update the report.

Google Sheets share

The Report Builder restricts guest’s access to the add-on, allowing you full control over what data they see or preserve.


“Preserve custom columns” is a robust database cross-referencing feature. Capture any changes in new columns to ensure it moves forward as you continually refresh your report.

When you type data into the cell of a custom column, it gets linked to the ID of the associated Solve record. When the report is updated, the system cross-references the ID and re-inserts your custom data. To facilitate this, the System ID column is automatically enabled in the report.

To delete custom columns simply delete the column and click “Run report” while the “Preserve Custom Column data” option is selected and confirm the action.