New option: Personalize vCard & Publish emails

Do you want your clients to feel cared for, trusting, and eager to do business with you? Of course you do, that’s the point of a CRM - to manage all details about your client interactions. Keeping with this trend, Solve has again ensured greater customization and flexibility with the new “Personalize vCard & Publish emails” option.

When publishing a project blog, or emailing a vCard, Solve now includes a note option providing a personalized touch to sharing information with clients and partners. Solve will even autosave your message to be available for your next publishing or vCard email, even if it’s an entirely different contact or project blog. Now that’s handy!

By writing your text in another language, “Personalize vCard & Publish emails” lets you explain published blogs and vCards with non-english speaking clients.

vCard emails will default to an empty text box:

For project blogs we’ve gone ahead and included a default message providing instructions on how to view the published project

Solve then injects your customized text into the top of the message your client receives. We take care of the remaining info (e.g. name, link, bookmark message, custom logo, etc):

Remember, both are customizable and that’s the key. Sharing information with clients demonstrates a trusting relationship and outlines your company’s organization. Take personalization to the next level with “Personalize vCard & Publish emails.”