New option: Context for opportunities


There are two ways to create revenue opportunities reports:

  1. Solve menu > Report & Update Activities > Show opportunities managed by (which can also be exported to a CSV using Data > Export this list)

  2. The Solve360 Google Sheets add-on (from which you can pull data directly from Solve into Google Docs to create charts, dashboards and transpose the data to answer specific questions)

What’s new

We’ve extended the opportunity reporting dataset to include information about its parent record. For example, along with the standard and custom revenue opportunity fields you can now optionally include the fields and categories of the contact, company or project blog the opportunity is saved on. This adds valuable context about the opportunity making it easy to answer questions like “How effective was my marketing campaign across geographies in terms?”, or “What type of lead is most profitable?”.

The details

The additional set of data can be requested under Report & Update Activities > Show opportunities managed by … > Data > Export this list.


The SolveCRM API reporting methods have also been extended to support this option (itemtypes and itemsdata).

The holiday season bonus …

We added the same export option to the “Next actions assigned to”, “Follow-ups assigned to”, “Activity changes for” and “Time tracking for” reports!