New integration: Xero accounting, Yin and Yang

Xero is “beautiful online accounting software” that’s kicking butt in the marketplace. Imagine how smoothly your days will roll as your two core business applications - Accounting & CRM - seamlessly work with each other, providing a combined and consistent view of important customer information.

With the Xero-Solve360 integration your team sees a view of a contact’s history, opportunities, statement of account and invoices from everywhere you’ll find Solve360 - Web, phone, tablet or Gmail Gadget. Staff will create invoices directly from Solve360 opportunities and update contact information between systems with a no-surprise synchronization feature.

Both your Xero and Solve360 users will save time by having quick access to information and shortcuts to complete routine tasks from their primary application. The Xero-Solve360 integration gives your team a truly holistic view of their customers, and it’s simple to enable and use.

Xero integration is included in the Select service plan. To get started switch your subscription plan to Select under Solve360 menu > Subscription, then review the short Xero integration tutorial.