New improvements

  • To keep important things in focus, the Gmail Contextual Gadget will no longer show buttons for archived records. To access archived records open the contact’s record and click on the links in the related-to field.

  • We added a minor activation delay to the Activity menus and Activity action icons so these features won’t be displayed when the mouse scrolls over them quickly.

  • All forms and displayed activities now show exact dates and times with a relative time displayed inside brackets e.g. “due Jan 20, 2013 (in 2 days)”.

  • The number of file/photos being uploaded to the service at the same time has been set to one to mitigate possible issues with slower computers and limited network throughput.

  • Clicking on a parent link for an activity inside a report or calendar will open the parent record and highlight the source activity. If the activity is within a closed section header the section will be automatically opened.