New improvements to Report Builder


Solve Report Builder enables your team to access a wide range of Solve data directly from within Google Sheets. Summarized operational data and robust dashboards, give you a snapshot of your business from both desktop or mobile.

What’s new

Introducing the “Activity Changes” report. Monitor which tasks, follow-ups, notes, deals, or interactions (i.e. calls) your staff have touched.

At a glance, get a grip on what’s going on in your business to focus on those who needs support, recognize those who deserve it and identify ways to speed things up. Use it to gain real-time insights on:

  • How are junior rep’s calls going?
  • How are opportunities progressing?
  • What tasks were completed recently?
  • What notes and information are streaming in?
  • Is the team keeping in touch with top clients?

Solve Report Builder

When teams have more insight to where staff are spending their time and what the results are, resources get allocated to where they’re most valuable.

The “Activity changes” report is particularly useful for Solve Client Manager members who want to see what’s happening in their team.

Examples of other improvements

The Report Builder has also seen a large number of incremental updates to existing reports, giving Solve teams more flexibility to dive-deep into their database, including:

  • Additional date and time fields available
  • Filter on multiple opportunity statuses at once
  • In-report tips to help guide you when you get stuck
  • Geocode custom address fields
  • New unformatted date option