New improvement: “Sans Flash”



Most feature rich web applications, like Solve, use a hidden Adobe Flash helper application to enable uploading multiple files in one step.

What’s new

Modern web browsers now support uploading multiple files. We utilized this new ability in the “drag and drop” file upload feature announced a month ago.

The new sans-Flash file upload technique is now used throughout Solve e.g. file upload menu options, data import, Webmail attachments, right-click, etc. If you use a modern web browser Adobe Flash is no longer activated. By not activating Flash your browser will do less work, which translates to improved performance and reliability in every area.

For the non-modern browsers, we understand you’re working with constraints and we’ll continue to be there to support you. In your case the special Flash helper will be dynamically activated. Flash 9 support has been removed, you’ll need Flash 10 or greater installed.