New improvement: Report Builder for Google Sheets


Clients access a wide range of Solve data directly from Google Sheets using Solve’s Report Builder, to summarize operational data and create robust dashboards.

We’ve started previewing Solve’s biggest release ever.

What’s new

Solve Report Builder

We’ve made significant investments in modernizing Solve’s very popular Report Builder in Google Sheets. Focussing on simplicity and ease of use, you’ll notice a refreshed design, including an …

  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Streamlined and more secure authorization
  • Whole lot more fun to use

The upcoming Solve App (the biggest release ever) will dramatically expand the opportunities of where and how data is collected and utilized. Pairing with the improved Report Builder, clients gain centralized control and management of their business through personalized dashboards and reports — strategically positioning both, fitting hand in glove.


For those already running with the previous version, simply open the Report Builder from the same Google account you use to login into Solve. Then simply tap the one-time “Sign-in” to authorize your Solve account and access your data.

Get started

  1. Review Solve’s Report Builder feature summary
  2. Activate the Report Builder add-on
  3. Jump in and create best practice sales reports

Join us for a free Solve Report Builder webinar on November 1st, 2016. We’ll cover Sales Pipeline, Sales Funnel, Sales Team Performance and Quarterly Sales reports with our in-house team of Solve experts. Simply sign-up at