New improvement: MailChimp reporting


Solve is pre-integrated with the MailChimp online email-marketing services. When it comes to connecting with your legions of clients via email marketing MailChimp supports you through the entire process of creating and launching professional-looking email campaigns and monitoring the responses. They also manage important details such as avoiding spam blocks and unsubscribe options. Having an email marketing giant like MailChimp seamlessly pre-integrated into your Solve account broadens and streamlines the way you communicate with your clients.

What’s new

When a contact is synced to MailChimp Solve will automatically add a special activity to the contact’s page which tracks the campaigns that have been sent and how your contact has responded to them. You now have access to see everything you know about the contact and how they responded in one spot.

If you’ve previously sent a MailChimp campaign to a contact you can add the activity manually: hover over “Add an activity” > Link to MailChimp.