New improvement: “How do they relate?”


Many of your contacts are likely related to other contacts, companies and projects in some way. Plotting out these relationships and connections makes it easier to see how each one fits into the scope of your business and helps you to seize opportunities. After linking a record, a new text field with the hint “How do they relate” appears below the linked record’s name. Here you optionally add a note as to how the two records are related e.g. family, founder, board member, employed date range, etc.

What’s new

The “How do they relate” is now unique to each side of the relationship. For example instead of “family” you can now enter “Father” and “Son”, “Employee” and “Employer”, “Client” and “2012 revision”, etc.

Once you’ve linked two records you’ll see two new inputs, think of them as how does this record link to that record.