New improvement: FreshBooks Sync


Solve users have long since enjoyed the benefits of Solve’s integration with FreshBooks, which has allowed them to do the following tasks directly from the Solve record:

  • See the amount owing
  • Review invoice payment history
  • Create FreshBooks estimates & invoices
  • Confirm FreshBook’s contact details

What’s new

There are two new features to share with you:

  1. Data Sync

    Solve users can now sync contact data directly from Solve to Freshbooks. This feature will help transfer important details between the sales and accounting teams in your business; keeping your customer data fresh and your team ‘on the (proverbial) ball”.

    Activate the sync step:

    Map your Solve fields to your FreshBooks data:

    Then click “Sync” and the data in your Solve fields are pushed into your FreshBooks account:

    You can sync data from Solve contacts, companies and projects to the linked FreshBooks contact and organization.

  2. Create a FreshBooks invoice from a Solve opportunity

    You could always create a FreshBooks invoice directly from the FreshBooks activity from the Solve record. You can now create a FreshBooks invoice directly from the “Track a revenue opportunity” activity and the data within the opportunity will be pushed directly into a new FreshBooks invoice; AKA “Sweet, sweet workflow efficiency!”.

    Click “Create an invoice” from one of your Solve Revenue Opportunity activities. The description and value data will be pushed into a new FreshBooks invoice. Then, you’ll be able to view this invoice in your list of invoices from that contact.

Solve’s Xero Accounting integration brings you the same data sync and Revenue Opportunity invoice creation features covered here.