New improvement: Duplicate checking when importing contacts


Solve provides a versatile way to import contacts and companies. When re-importing this feature checks to see if there is a similar record in the system and if found will update that record instead of creating a new (duplicate) record.

What’s new

Earlier this year we added a dynamic duplicate checking feature which uses some refined rules to reduce the chance that different contacts with the same name are seen as duplicates. The import feature now uses this same logic. The XLS/CSV import feature now detects contact duplicates by (A) having the same email (regardless of the field) or (B) by having the same name plus:

  1. A matching phone field (regardless of formatting), or a matching address field, or a matching company name, or
  2. When the phone, address and company values are all not set

Companies are now checked by a matching name only.

There is also a new option at the bottom of the field mapping step to “Bypass duplicate detection”.