New improvement: Attaching Google Docs


When it comes to Google Apps integration, Solve has led the way by focusing first on what we knew we knew would deliver the highest-value for our clients:

  • Google Apps single sign-on
  • Gmail Contextual Gadget
  • Two-way calendar & contact sync
  • Unique email sharing features
  • Gmail labels as a project dropbox
  • Google Docs contact form
  • Google Maps
  • Extend Gmail using the Webmail client for email campaigns
  • Generating custom CRM reports and dashboards in the Solve for Google Sheets add-on
  • Creating personalized Google Docs and Labels with the Solve for Google Docs mail merge add-on

Bucking industry trends, we always reached for the “highest hanging fruit” first because we knew they tasted better. See the full extent of Solve’s integration with Google Apps.

What’s new

When you add a link to a Google Doc Solve will provide a simple panel for you to filter and choose the document. It’s simple, it’s helpful, and it’s time to tick this box too!

This differs from the previous way we used to link documents which required you to supply the URL.

The details

This new feature uses Google’s new Google Drive API which requires you to grant permission to enable this feature (just once), even if you are a Google Apps user who have already granted organizational permissions.