Hand-offs, another breakout feature


Our reliance on tech is piling up, we’re too busy to keep checking multiple apps. Even in well-intentioned teams, assigning work is often where things break down. There’s inherent risk in leaving it solely to the next person to keep track and make sure it gets done. Did they even notice?

What’s new

“Hand-offs”, a quick way to assign work that ensures predictable communication, alerting you when important steps happen. Like texting tasks, only better.

When assigning a task or follow-up to someone, they’ll see …


Hand-off notification

Accept or Decline

Hand-off prompt

Priorities updated

Hand-off accepted

You’ll be instantly notified of their decision. If declined, simply tap to reassign. When accepted, Solve tracks it in your personal “Handed-off” list until completion.


Hand-off confirmed

Status updated


Tasks and follow-ups are always on two people’s radar, so nothing ever falls through the cracks.

Try it

Available with any Solve Client Manager service subscription. Solve CRM clients can request to try it free with their live data.