New features:  API support for OAuth and Batch requests


Solve provides simple ways for third party applications and custom scripts to integrate.

  1. Solve’s Application Programming Interface or “API” provides clients and third party application vendors the ability to add, edit, delete and report on data in their Solve accounts without having to go through the Solve web interface.

    With the API, you can integrate Solve with your web site and other applications you use and create some pretty spiffy custom reports. This level of customization is provided so you can meet your team’s specific needs and automate as much of your work flow as possible.

  2. Webhooks are settings that tell Solve to listen for changes made to data in your Solve account. When these events occur, Solve calls your script or application, which can then run your own custom logic. Hooking is a technique used to alter or augment the behavior of a program without having access to its source code. It solves a broad range of customization needs, such as:

    • I wish that my web-apps would keep data in sync
    • I wish that I could make another app do something when I use this app
    • I wish that I could make this app work slightly different

What’s new

If you’re building an application for many other people to use e.g. iPhone/Android App or integration with another SaaS service, you can use Solve’s new OAuth Authentication feature.

If you’re working with the Solve API you can now send multiple requests at a time using the new Batch feature.