New feature: Webhooks

This one is a bit “under the hood”. But if you’ve ever dreamed of automating, integrating, or customizing Solve it’s a biggie. Imagine the following real-world examples …

  • When your category tag is added to a contact, a order is placed with a direct mail service and the package arrives on your client’s desk.
  • When a contact is created or updated in Solve, the data is instantly updated in your other business application(s).
  • When a task is completed, the next step is automatically set-up according to your pre-defined rules e.g. create a new task, recalculate a value, or update a report.

An infinite number of useful real world examples, like these ones, can now be implemented using a new Solve feature called “Webhooks”. Simply put, Webhooks are a way to get Solve to call a script on your own web server whenever a specific event occurs in Solve, allowing you to react in any way you want.

Get started

Webhooks is included in the Select service plan. To get started switch your subscription plan to Select under Solve menu > Subscription, then create your Webhooks under Solve menu > Webhooks.

More information

Webhooks are a pattern of enabling user-defined callbacks over HTTP in web applications. Hooking is a technique used to alter or augment the behavior of a program without having access to its source code. It solves a broad range of customization needs such as:

  • I wish my web-apps would keep data in sync
  • I wish I could make another app do something when I use this app
  • I wish I could make this app work slightly differently

Use the Solve API to pull information from Solve as needed.

Use Webhooks when you want Solve to push information to you as events happen.

What do we need to use them?

You’ll need access to a web developer, or a Solve solution partner to tweak your scripts and access to a basic web server, or similar to host your scripts. Look towards your website, you may already have both. Our Webhook tutorial provides copy and paste examples to help you get rolling fast.

Before automating your workflows with webhooks, take a look at our workflow guide.