New feature: Upload photos from iPhone / iPad and Android devices

New: For Teams who work heavily from their phones and tablets, check out the new Solve Client Manager, a native iPhone, iPad and Android product. Try it free. Download now.

Upload pictures straight from your device to Solve. Assume the ‘Warrior one’ pose …

  • Quickly share information instantly from the field
  • Collect difficult-to-communicate data in seconds
  • Maintain revision of files automatically


Picture this …

Delegate work to keep field workers focused You run a solar panel installation business and your staff are hustling; packed with back-to-back jobs each day. As a result, too often incidental time and materials are left unaccounted for because they are already moving onto the next job. The field technicians quickly snap pictures of their work with their smartphone and upload the set directly to the client’s Solve record before leaving the site. Office staff then review the work and account for what time and materials were used and itemize invoices, ensuring all billables are covered and more money is made.


Pwn the competition [sic] As brand manager you drive beer sales by endorsing hundreds of local bars and restaurants through promotional material. Each location is different and information is hard to acquire, often incomplete or wrong. You have a small team of field reps who visit each establishment in their region. You ask them to shoot some quick pictures of potential advertising placement; competitor branding trends and high traffic areas. Each photo is uploaded instantaneously on the Solve record, where you analyze the entire distribution network and direct marketing resources to the best opportunities. This reduces reaction time, telling you how to position your brand and pistol whip competitors.

Manage your resources As a contractor, you have ongoing jobs at multiple locations each day. With limited tools and staff, you have to be careful how you allocate resources. Sending your only bobcat to a job that can do without is just burning money. Your estimator quickly grabs photos & videos of each site during the initial visit and pops them up to the client’s Solve record. You are able to immediately gauge how your resources are best allocated and dispatch them accordingly.


Remove barriers and cover your ass Your moving company often encounters awkward pieces of furniture that need to be dismantled. This creates a puzzle for the overseas team who have to reassemble them. Before dismantling these pieces, movers quickly upload photos to the job’s Solve record, triggering an email notifying the receiving team.

This accomplishes two essential things:

  1. Documents furniture condition prior to handoff
  2. Communicates how the pieces are to be re-assembled for the receiving team, removing language barriers