New feature: “Unsubscribe”

To help ensure your business is honoring your prospect & clients’ wishes and improve your team’s efficiency we’ve implemented a new “Unsubscribe” feature that relates to a few different areas.

In the Scheduled Email activity you can now insert a special field called “Unsubscribe Link”. When a recipient clicks the link the following actions will be taken:

  1. The recipient will be taken to a page where they can drop you a quick note as to why they are unsubscribing and confirm the action.
  2. The Scheduled Email’s parent contact record will be added to an “Unsubscribed” Category Tag. If the tag does not exist it will be created.
  3. The Scheduled Email activity that the recipient unsubscribed from will have a message attached highlighting the details.
  4. All other Scheduled Email activities will be placed on HOLD.
  5. The creator of the scheduled Email activity will receive an email notification.

Related to this change the “Push to Constant Contact”, “Push to MailChimp” and “Group Recipients” features will ignore contacts that are tagged as “Unsubscribed”. More on these features at Email campaigns

[Unsubscribe link] field inserts a long web address e.g. You can beatify this by tweaking the HTML source e.g.

<p style="margin-top: 60px; text-align: center;"><a href="[Unsubscribe link]">Quick unsubscribe</a></p> 

The following screenshots highlight:

  • Inserting the link into a Scheduled Email
  • What the unsubscribe form looks like to the recipient
  • What changes occur to the recipient’s contact record
  • What the Group Recipients confirmation looks like when sending a message to an unsubscribed contact