New feature: Solve360 add-on for Google Sheets


Solve360 add-on for Sheets gives you the ability to pull data directly from your Solve360 account, into Google Spreadsheets to easily generate personalized reports and maps.

What’s New

It’s been a long time coming, today we reveal the plot …

Google has announced Google Sheets add-ons, which showcases highly regarded third-party apps integrated with Google Spreadsheets, including ours. With the new one-click activation method right from your Sheet, terms like “script, code and update” have been fed to the shredder for good!


To start creating unique, flexible reports and dashboards simply open the Solve360 CRM add-on page and click on …

We’ve passed you the ball. Signal you want more with an alley-oop slam dunk, by rewarding Solve with an all-star rating in the Google Sheets add-on store.