New feature: “Show related activities” for Touch


As a knighted Solve CRM user you relish “Show related activities”

  • Confident you’ve reviewed all critical information
  • Compare activities of related records under one feed
  • Increase focus of special activities across multiple records

What’s new

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Utilize “Show related activities” on your mobile device using Solve’s Touch App for iPhone / iPad and Android. This feature will help you “roll-up” all known information related to contacts away from the office and manage project’s on-site by expanding your view, compiling communication history right within the palm of your hands.

Imagine this

“Show related activities” can squeeze massive value from your team’s existing email accounts. You know Solve’s unique Google Apps “Link to” feature can automatically pull in emails from each team member’s individual Google Apps account and list the relevant ones together on a contact’s record. Tapping the “Show related activities” option on your phone will organize all activities and emails from related records onto your record of interest, under one feed. This will instill confidence that you have all the history and context you need, whether the email came in two years or two seconds ago. Congratulations, you just leveled-up.

The details

To make it easy to follow, activities will be sorted by date, hiding section headers from view. “Related activities” will be marked with an orange background and show the name of the record it’s from.